Monday, June 14, 2010

Catch up.......

Wow. My last post was in March! I am such a terrible blogger! To be honest, I have been so busy that I forgot about my blog. So now is catch up time!

The last few months:
1. Had so much fun in Batesville (actually Pope) at my brother's crawfish boil! My sister-in-law is from Baton Rouge and her Dad cooks for our annual crawfish boil. SOOO delicious! I was honored to make the crawfish apron this year. Will post pics later of my latest sewing projects!
2. Worked lots of weekends at Baptist... Boo (one which included missing out on visiting Brookley in Austin~ sad)
3. Wedding, engagement party, wedding, engagement party....
4. Did I mention that my husband is living in Shreveport, LA during the week for work. urgghhh
5. Took a whole week vacation that was amazing! We went to Perdido Beach in May with friends from Louisville-Kirk, Catherine, Ryan, and Meg!
6. One night in Birmingham with Holly and Tice Young. Miss Bham soooooo much! Itching to go visit my friends at Princeton. Need a reunion!
7. To finish the vacation off we headed to Blowing Rock, NC for the Lowry's wedding. It was beautiful. The mountains were beautiful and I could definitely get used to hiking every week!
8. Went to a sweet baby shower for Baby Hendrix. So much fun and great to meet new people!
9. Watched and made fun of the Bachelorette with sweet friends. Gotta love tv girls night! Especially when the hubby is out of town during the weeks!
10. This coming weekend headed back to the ole Batesville. Celebrating my parent's birthdays, father's day, and going to a wedding brunch! Can't wait to catch up with my family and best friends from home. I am so blessed! God is good!

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